"Warren Draws on Everything" JD. Moore

Warrens Doodles From Sketchbook

The following is an excerpt from Warren Cullar’s Sketchbook (ISBN 0-9747782-0-6) published in 2003.


Several times in elementary school, I was stopped from doodling in the margins of my notebooks. Today, I draw everywhere except in the margins – ha! I draw when there is a pen and paper and there is down time. For me, happiness is creating. When I’m doodling, there is limited awareness of what’s taking place. I focus on something else like a conversation or just relaxing. There is no concern for the direction or the outcome of the drawing. The only purpose is to make marks and images and follow my creative  muse. I am just enjoying life when I am doodling.

On an expedition to the Amazonia State in Southern Venezuela with the University of Texas I had real Indiana Jones Experiences.


We visited three different villages of natives. In the one closest to civilization they were wearing western hand-me-down clothes. We were not strangers to be feared but friendly visitors  to be curious about. The young children were too shy to sit with me and draw in my sketch pad, but this young man of about fourteen took me up on my offer. This group spoke Spanish and I asked him his name: Perdomo. I asked him to draw a patriot and a jaguar. His drawing was slow and thoughtful. I don’t think he had ever drawn with a pen before.

Perdomo Perdomo Sketching





Next week we will share Warren’s experiences in the Amazonia state with an excerpt from The Shaman.


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