Sixth Street Festival

2014-09-24 08.55.21

The sketch taken from the Sketch Book  titled Sixth Street Festival was drawn in 1999 the same year I married Kitty Biel. A very good year. The festival has changed since I first went on the street some time in the early eighties but so have I. The turn of the decade also witnessed a new direction in my art career. I had turned to painting in acrylic instead of only watercolors. In the next couple of years I returned to casting bronze sculpture, something I first learned in Mexico.

The weekend of September the 27th and 28th I will be  in my double booth located at 6th and Trinity in Austin, Texas selling my acrylic paintings, bronze sculptures  and my prints. I have been asked  how many shows have I attended over the years, my answer is “too many to count.” I love the experience. Yes it is hard work but I love the people, enjoy telling stories and selling.

If you want a real experience in color, sound and the visuals go to the Pecan Street Art Festival. It’s A real people watching experience with the assortment of vendors selling everything from cactus jam to dog hats and bronze sculptures.

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The Old Pecan Street Association commissioned me to produce a poster for their annual festival. I proceeded to Sixth Street and saw the signage, activities, and fine remnants of a historic downtown street. Today, the transformed street is a collage of fine old institutions like the Driskill Hotel, Groves Drug and Esther’s Follies with the flower twirler stationed out front. The Renowned street accomodates people in search of live music, tattoos, fun, food, and love rituals among university students. This sketch is loose and free like the fun on Sixth Street


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  1. I take responsibility for this post being late. My sister smote me with a case of strep throat most dire and waylaid me for the the better part of a week.


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