Kitty Reading

002 A Kitty Reading 60X40.jpg

Kitty and I married in 1999. I painted her reading a book. After a couple of years, I put the painting into storage. Four years ago I took it out of storage and finished the painting. I am often asked how long. My answer is as long as it needs to finish.

Forest of Totems

Forest of Totems.jpg

Forest of Totems is composed of cast bronze “stones.” I’ve been a stone-stacker all my life. The Oregon coast is pure inspiration for a stone-stacker.

The Group


40″x 60″ acrylic painting titled The Group. I was having a cold beer on the San Antonio Texas riverwalk with my sketchbook. In a little tiny bar these Saturday night musicians were playing their hearts out.

Rock Paper Scissors

2013-10-14 04.25.05 - Copy.jpg

This is actually two pieces. The one on the right is called The Game (24″), the one on the left is Always a Winner (13″). A game we’ve all played since childhood. Cast Bronze.

The Arts: the Hand, the Eye and the Heart


This is one of my new assemblages. Assemblages are created from objects that trigger stories. The title if The Arts: the Hand, the Eye and the Heart.

Lisbon, Portugal


We were taking the street car up to the castle at the top of the hill. Stopped for this view, did a quick sketch, and got back on the street car.


Life Force

2013-07-26 21.39.02.jpg

I lived out in the desert in Santa Fe, NM when I made this piece. Out there, water is life (you can’t live without it), so I named this piece Life Force.