A Long Flight

“A Long Flight”
I enjoy sketching on flights. It take me away from the space, I am lost in the drawing work and the time disappears. This was a drawing that grew and kept me focused until I heard: “Please put your seat tray in the upright and locked position.” I always put the date on the drawing, missed it on this sketch.

I am introducing my book “SKETCH BOOK” to be an E Book soon.
“SKETCH BOOK” has 70 ink line sketches and a story on each sketch.
The sketches cover a variety of subjects and styles. I will post a sketch a week leading up to the E Book release date.
These posted sketches are not from the book. Enjoy!
If you wish to be notified about the release date, please email me at wcullar@gmail.com
Thank you, Warren Cullar, Artist


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