“A Shell of an Idea”​

Inline image 4
“A Shell of an Idea” March 24, 2017
Almost all of my art ideas start with sketches. I had seen a bronze sculpture in France  that was the center part of a beach tumbled sea shell.  I am  a sculptor, so I stole the idea and proceeded with my sketches using a box of beach treasures from the storeroom as my models. Picasso said “poor artist copy other artists but great artist, steal” and he stole ideas from everyone. So I borrowed an idea from another artist, but  this was as far as I took the idea.


 I am introducing my book “SKETCH BOOK” to be an E Book in the future. “SKETCHBOOK” has 70  ink line sketches plus a brief story on each sketch.
The sketches cover a variety of subjects and styles to show the versatility of my drawing.

I will post a sketch a week leading up to the publishing and release date.
None of the posted sketches will be from the book. Enjoy!

If you wish to be notified about the release date, please email me. Thank you. Warren


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