Parade of Posters

Written by Jacob and Warren. Nonfiction


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Warren has been in well over 25 shows of the biannual Pecan Street Art Festival in Austin, Texas, including the upcoming festival on September 27th and 28th. This year he will be in the center of Trinity and Sixth Street selling prints, paintings, and bronze sculptures. If you can’t make it to the festival, Warren is also holding a follow-up show at his studio on October 4th and 5th. After submitting paintings to the competition for featured art at the festival for years, Warren has been asked to submit paintings for posters in the last two shows.

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Watching Paint Dry

Warren the Artist

Warren the Artist

 Austin, Texas, Warren’s large painting studio located  on the back of his landscaped  property. Warren is putting on his artist’s hat today (literally) working on a 60” x 40” acrylic painting. Writing Coach Jacob is the observer today, watching and writing as Warren goes through his artistic process.

Watching Paint Dry

By Jacob Pousland

Warren begins with a ritual dance of preparation. The studio must be cleaned, the acrylic paints organized in neat rows, fresh water is readied next to the glass palette. The water and a plastic box can keep the paint wet for weeks, Warren explains as he pushes aside a couple canvases that were “distracting” him. The easel is an enormous 8×4 foot piece of painted white plywood with peg holes drilled into it; Warren adjusts the pegs to keep the artwork at eye level. The final touch is his apron and artist’s hat, because in his words “I also like to wear a hat while I paint. I don’t know why, It just always feels more comfortable.”

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