Sixth Street Festival

2014-09-24 08.55.21

The sketch taken from the Sketch Book  titled Sixth Street Festival was drawn in 1999 the same year I married Kitty Biel. A very good year. The festival has changed since I first went on the street some time in the early eighties but so have I. The turn of the decade also witnessed a new direction in my art career. I had turned to painting in acrylic instead of only watercolors. In the next couple of years I returned to casting bronze sculpture, something I first learned in Mexico.

The weekend of September the 27th and 28th I will be  in my double booth located at 6th and Trinity in Austin, Texas selling my acrylic paintings, bronze sculptures  and my prints. I have been asked  how many shows have I attended over the years, my answer is “too many to count.” I love the experience. Yes it is hard work but I love the people, enjoy telling stories and selling.

If you want a real experience in color, sound and the visuals go to the Pecan Street Art Festival. It’s A real people watching experience with the assortment of vendors selling everything from cactus jam to dog hats and bronze sculptures.

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