About Warren

My name is Warren Cullar (pronounced color), A very good name for an artist. I create acrylic and watercolor paintings, produce cast bronze sculptures and soft ground etchings plus other art mediums. I’ve been making a living as an artist a long time. I used to say five years, then ten years but now… let’s just say my first paycheck couldn’t buy a tank of gas today.

I love to create and experiment.  When I was sixteen I discovered Leonardo de Vinci’s drawing of The Man in the Circle. I visualized myself as such an all encompassing person. I was interested in everything: butterflies, fossils, Indian stuff, you name it. I wanted to do what those guys in the National Geographic Magazine did, so I joined scientific expeditions, sailed the South China Sea, became a Marine, and became a college professor.

I had my palm read years ago and was told that I had the ability to write and write well. On a long flight from Europe I started writing a few sentences on the back page of one of my sketch books. I wrote a letter to my dad twenty five after he had died. I realized I had so much more to say, to both my dad and everyone else. Five years added pages and pages of notes, old letters, photographs and stories until on January 1st 2013 I made a New Year’s resolution announcing to my wife: “Kitty, I am not going to ever finish this book unless I write full time. Today I am a writer and will not make, produce even doodle in the field of art until the book is finished and edited.”

July 9th 2014 at 3:00 p.m. we finished My Dad, Napoleon and Me. I mailed it off to two agents who had requested the manuscript. Three days later I started a commissioned painting becoming a renaissance man again in my mind.  I think I have something to say, it’s just telling stories through words instead of bronze or watercolor.


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