“Rock Shelter Art”​

I joined an expedition sponsored by U.T. Austin to Southern Venezuela. My job was to draw and paint in watercolor what I observed in the granite shelter caves we explored.The team was composed of an archaeologist, anthropologist, zoologist, geologist, paleontologist,a doctor, photographer, and a few other “ologist” and 1 artist. I spent the day in this shelter cave at the top of a granite mountain producing watercolors and sketches. The  natives who’s village was down the mountain next to the river had prepared their dead by wrapping the bodies in long strips of tree bark and then tying the bundle up like a taco. I counted seven  bark burials laying among the boulders at the back of the painted gallery. A most interesting day.



I am introducing my book “SKETCH BOOK” to be an EBook in the future. “SKETCH BOOK” has 70  ink line sketches plus a brief story on each sketch. The sketches cover a variety of subjects and styles to show the versatility of my drawing.   I will post a sketch a week leading up to the publishing and release date. None of the posted sketches will be from the book. Enjoy!

If you wish to be notified about the release date, please email me. Thank you. Warren


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