Bridge Deck Aft

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This week Warren shares his creative vision of the island of Ibiza and one of his fellow cruise passengers. Please enjoy this fascinatingly insightful piece.

Bridge Deck Aft

By Waren Cullar

One of the delights of cruising is island hopping in the Mediterranean. We docked at the pristine island of Ibiza, east of Spain. It is renowned for its ancient port, consistent, perfect climate, crystal, white sandy beaches, and the vibes of its cosmopolitan nightlife. It’s referred to as paradise between the blue sky and sea.

This drawing was from the bridge deck of the aft bar of the Windstar after a day of touring the antiquities of the island. This woman had the same unique charm as the island – a little age to her, but still beautiful and attractive. She was lovely and peaceful, yet ready for the stars to come out and nightlife to begin. I included hints of the fortress, changed the chairs from plastic to curvaceous wire backs, and added the glass of wine and fishnet stockings. That’s the artist’s prerogative to change things. After all, this drawing is my fantasy and an artist’s poetic license.

Next up is the sketch Tic Tock Clock, starring the clock tower of Messina, Italy.


1 thought on “Bridge Deck Aft

  1. Warren, this is one of your better ones. No wait. It’s one of the ones “I” like better. But don’t judge me, please. I visited Ibiza (never liked using the “th” sound instead of the “z” in 1969. Loved it. Wanted to get to…what’s its name, maybe Formentera…but didn’t. Maybe I’ll have to go back.


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