Ship, Flag, Musicians


A band of musicians play aboard a cruise ship.

Warren and Kitty are on a two-week cruise. They are in Southhampton, England boarding the new cruise ship Quantum of the Seas for its maiden voyage. You can read about the Quantum in this article. Jacob has been hauling furniture in the depths of Vermont, where cell service is still something coveted and rare. Next week you can read about his experiences helping his grandmother move out of her home of 40 years.

I draw abundantly while cruising. Gaiety and colorful scenes  at every turn and port. These musicians performed as we lift a port-of-call. The ease of sailing and moving about the ship and slipping into ports help me see the world of colors and shapes fresh.Later this drawing became a painting that enlivens any wall with their jammin’.
The next two weeks we are cruising.  Warren and wife Kitty need some quality time off. We both work strongly when we are home and cruising fills the bill as a time to relax. We go on cruises because leaving means that  the phone does not work, the fax machine, the door bell, the fed ex truck will not arrive. We will not need to make any decisions concerning business. The only decisions we will make is what restaurant shall make reservations for this evening, or  do you want to go to the theater or stay in and watch a movie and order room service or have a glass of wine on our balcony and watch the sunset.
We cruise because we can do many actives or nothing.  Each one of us has now been on more than 500 days at sea cruising in the past twelve years. Kitty became so enthusiastic about the cruise business, she purchased a franchise with “Cruise Planners.” Call  or email her for ship booking information. Kitty’s email is… I had planned to write this blog  on my balcony listening to the waves from the bow of our ship but decided to leave my laptop at home, no writing, sketching yes. We have attached photos of Warren and kitty from past cruises.  PHOTOS…                                             My word for the next two weeks is RELAX.
  Warren and Kitty on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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