Update: My Dad, Napoleon and Me

Jacob and Warren

Jacob (left) and Warren (right) working on My Dad, Napoleon and Me.

Jacob Pousland here, Warren’s writing coach, editor, and all-around technology assistant. Warren and I have been working hard for the last few weeks editing My Dad, Napoleon and Me.

After all our hard work today’s the day: we’re sending My Dad, Napoleon and Me out to two editors and an agent who have agreed to take a look at it. If one of them likes the book we’ll be well on our way to publication. New books are usually slotted for publication a year in advance, so even when we are published it will be a while before you’ll see us on shelves, but we’re confident that My Dad, Napoleon and Me is as polished and well-written as we can make it at this time.

An example of what we’ve been working on: we’ve added “Box Lessons” to the end of each chapter to give the reader practical things they can do to succeed and summarize the point of the story itself. Here’s an example “Box Lesson” from Shaman, which will finish updating this Sunday.

Be Bold

Make the decision to step outside your comfort zone. It will enrich your life.

  • Cultivate Opportunity. Make friends with people who do whatever it is you want to achieve. Watch for opportunities and be ready to take action when they arise.
  • Deliberately Pursue your goals. The more goals you achieve the more doors will open to you and the more opportunities you will receive.
  • Make the Best of Your Opportunity when it arrives. You’ve worked hard and taken risks to achieve your goal. Congratulate yourself for making the decisions that changed your life.

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