The Wire Challenge

The Wire Man

The Wire Man

“Wire Man” is an excerpt from Warren Cullar’s Sketchbook (ISBN 0-9747782-0-6) published in 2003.

I found a flattened metal wire

in the middle of the road.

I picked it up and kept it

for my collection of odd shapes.

I laid the wire on a page

Traced around it

And behold

A figure appeared

Now, I invite you to join me

In this adventure of creativity

And ask you what you see.

An inner child

A pocketed man escaping down a ladder

Or a man who climbed up to the safety of a


A Juggler

A cat, not a monkey, on his back

Wound up tight or

Going places

Thank you for joining me

In a whimsical moment of creativity or for

Indulging your imagination and creating your story.

The elusive butterfly of creativity

Lit for a moment

On the page.

The Wire Challenge

Below is a picture of two rusty pieces of wire. Neither has been altered. Take a photograph of your favorite found object and tell us what you see. Do you see the butterfly and crane? (Hint: best place to find flattened wire pieces is dirt parking lots where big trucks stop). The best found object will receive a print from Warren as a prize.






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